Nano Ring Hair Extensions Double Drawn - BlondeMe (#60/SS)

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Introducing the MOST discreet hair extensions on the market, our REMY ROYALE Nano Ring Hair Extensions range. Thick from root to tip and requiring no heat and no glue, nano ringsare designed to look luxurious and stay undetectable even under the finest hair!

  • 100% Double Drawn Remy Human Hair – same thickness and lusciousness from top to bottom
  • 50 strands in a pack, weighing at 50g, 1g per nano tip strand
  • Versatile and virtually invisible (significantly smaller than any other micro-ring system)
  • Non- damaging and suitable for all hair types and length
  • Can be used for multiple applications

Nano ring, or nano tip extensions are extremely popular in permanent extensions thanks to their tiny size (makes them near impossible to see in your hair!). They are also suitable for all hair types from very fine to thick hair and can be used to create endless styles.

Nano ring extensions are fantastic for customers wanting to place extensions closer to their face and hairline as they are so small and hidden very easily.

Our Nano tip extensions are made from 100% Remy human hair, and are double drawn, meaning they’re as thick at the top as they are at the end.


They are applied in the same way as other micro ring versions but instead using silicone lined 2-2.5mm nano rings.

We strongly advise having any permanent extensions installed by a professional extensionist to avoid any damage to your own hair and for the best quality results.

Nano ring extensions can be removed and repositioned/re-used several times depending on how well they are looked after and maintained. Note that new rings are needed with every reposition.

Pack Composition:

50 strands in a pack, weighing at 50g, 1g per nano tip strand.

A half head of nano rings needs 1-2 sets (50-100 strands) and a full head needs 3-4 sets (150-200 strands).

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