Sleek Spotlight Hair Wigs - LEIGH

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The Leigh Wig is a versatile wig that allows for a huge amount of styles including up do’s, braided styles or down in its natural full body, loose curl style. Featuring front lace, full lace parting (from front to back) and baby hair for a fantastic & realistic wig in a range of different colour options. 

STYLE 1. Pre- plaited perfect for festivals 2 French Plaits styled into low pony (the wig comes in this style). 

STYLE 2. The clip in piece remove the added clip-on hair piece fixed around the low pony, to reveal the 2 plaits separated. This additional clip in can be used to also add to wrap around ponies.

STYLE 3. Remove plaits & style down this additional clip in can be used to add volume if desired. 

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